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Logo: Martellina Mosaico

Logo Design: Martellina Mosaico

Logo Design:
Martellina Mosaico

Rush logo job for a mosaic artist based in Venice, Italy. He had a show coming up and wanted a new look for his branded materials.

The main goals of the design were scalability with a few variations and for it to be reminiscent of Venice.


October 2019


Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop



intricate, muted colors, artsy, scalable, ocean/turquoise, historic, Venetian

The typeface was chosen to convey a historical look and the color scheme is based on colors of the ocean and Venetian lagoons.

I made sure that the logo itself didn’t look too “perfect”, as mosaic art is a product of human hands. I provided a few different variations and a seamless border for future use.

The logo was selected and refined from a few options. Below are the presented comps and unchosen designs.

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