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Logo Redesign: Ombibulous

Ombibulous liquor store logo design
Ombibulous liquor store logo design

Logo Redesign: Ombibulous

Logo Redesign:

Logo with variations and merch mockups for a local liquor store that only sells products made in Minnesota. They would gradually be implementing the new design so they didn’t want to stray far from the original logo.


September 2021


Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop



approachable, high-end but not snobby, clean, Minnesotan

Because the owners would be slowly introducing the new branding, I had to be mindful in the redesign to avoid confusion. Maintaining a similar shape and visual weight was the key to creating that continuity.

It was mentioned that an orange-y peach would be preferred as a color choice for future applications.

Pre-rebrand logo
Pre-rebrand logo: the new design needed to be an updated, modern version of this
Options for the wordmark and layouts
Document showing the logo, alternate logos, colors, and typography choices for the brand
The final logo, alternates, colors, and typography choices

The final logo was created with multiple variations. I included a PDF guide that explained the different file types and a file that the showed an example of each variant on light, dark, and patterned backgrounds.

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